Digital Marketing Strategies that Have Made me Millions Online

Digital Marketing Strategies that Have Made me Millions Online

I decided to write this post to help other website owners that might be struggling to create a brand, gain traction online, and most importantly make sales.

Let me first introduce myself!

Michael SanchezMy name is Michael Sanchez, owner of Violin Shack. I’ve been teaching people how to improve their skills on the violin for the last ten years. I’m also the author of the book “Fiddle for Dummies,” sold in bookstores worldwide.

Most people that follow me (hundreds of thousands) know me as an outstanding online violin teacher. But fewer know me as an expert digital marketer and lead generation specialist.

Here are some of my accomplishments in the last ten years which will lead me into explaining exactly what I’ve done to create a successful brand – and what you might be missing when it comes to generating leads, credibility and more sales online.

  • Youtube Channel with 62,000 subscribers. My channel has been an excellent source for people to find my website and an excellent resource for people to get free tips on how to improve on the violin.
  • Facebook Page with 102,000 subscribers. Facebook has given less organic reach over the years, but my Facebook page has been a great way to get traffic to my blog articles like this one, which has over 800+ shares.
  • Facebook Group with 7,500 followers. This is a killer strategy for generating leads and sales — more on this strategy below.
  • Email list with over 30k qualified prospects and customers.
  • Over $5,000,000 in online revenue. This is how much I’ve grossed in the last ten years, including sales during Black Friday that have peaked at $125,000 per month. This is all coming from the niche of teaching people how to play the violin.

So how do I do it? Let’s go over that in my top six strategies to boost your online business by 10x or more.

Strategy #1 – Contest Marketing

If you look at my navigation bar, you’ll notice a tab called “contest.” With this strategy, I generate thousands of leads per month, by capitalizing on anybody interested in winning a violin related product, in exchange for their email address.

How does this work?

I use Clickfunnels as the landing page builder for these campaigns as they convert better than contest software landing pages. I’m able to generate an opt-in anywhere between a 40-60% conversion rate through Facebook ads – even on cold traffic.

Once the person decides to opt-in, I use Viralsweep to capitalize on the opportunity to familiarize myself with someone, especially a cold traffic visitor. Here is an example of what a campaign looks like here.

By using Viralsweep, I’m able to get free leads as the software encourages users to share the campaign, in exchange for bonus entries.

People can like me on Facebook, subscribe to me on Youtube, and even get points for purchasing products on my website. This system has an incredible way to generate thousands of new visitors to your website, repeat visitors, and get people to consider your brand for products and services.

Once somebody opts into my list through this strategy, I’m able to send them nurturing emails through Active Campaign. These emails are meant to educate people about my free products and services, including my blog, videos on Youtube, Facebook group, and more.

After about a 4-6 week period, I announce a winner of the contest.

You would be amazed at how much traffic this generates to my website through the contest winner announcement.

For every 10,000 emails that I obtain through this method, about 40% of them will visit the contest winner page. From there, about 10% will click on my OTO (one-time offer) and exclusive discounts.

So that is about 400 people that all were hoping to win a new violin or case. Out of these 400 people, about 10% will purchase a product from me.

Being that I sell products as high as $14,000, this turns into significant profits and long-term customers.

I commonly spend about $2,000-$3,000 on Facebook ads and quickly get 5-10x ROI (return on investment).

How I Can Help You Implement This

All it takes is giving away something that everyone who your target audience would find valuable. If you sell a digital product or service, I recommend a general product giveaway like an Ipad, Amazon Gift card and more.

In one campaign similar to this that I did for a client that was in real-estate, he generated 1,500 email addresses and only spent $15 on Facebook ads.

Yes, it isn’t as ideal as a product that you sell, but these types of giveaways still get you in front of thousands of people, and every one of these contests that I’ve set up for other businesses has created a positive ROI.

It’s up to good marketing to segment the good leads from the bad.

What I do if you are doing a more general product giveaway is I ask the prospect a question that allows me to screen who they are, and ultimately if they would be a potential customer for the business.

Then I can measure my ROAS (return on Ad Spend) for clients and only bring people into an auto-responder that are potential clients.

My business is automated, so I do freelancing on the side. I would be happy to give you suggestions on what type of product to give away, and even set up the entire campaign for you.

This along with implementing an email marketing funnel, creating an effective landing page and more, will lead to positive ROI, a tremendous boost in website traffic and ultimately an excellent way to get new people in front of your website and business.

If you are interested in help with this strategy, Chonk Digital can help.

Strategy #2 – Email Marketing

I’m a master of email marketing. The key to an effective email marketing strategy is segmentation. This means that you send emails, not in mass but personalized so that the person opening it doesn’t feel they are just another one of your thousands of prospects.

The way I do this for my business is I ask questions through a personal survey which answers questions for me on how long they have been playing, what products they are interested in etc.

Here is a link to my current survey, which is personalized based on how you answer previous questions. This is closely integrated with my marketing strategy.

Once the person submits this survey (which gives them points towards the contest giveaway), it creates a unique URL where Facebook pixel can tell how my clients answered the questions.

Take a look at the screenshot below. Because I link the contest along with an incentive to gain entries, the campaign has generated 1.335 submissions with an 84.4% conversion rate, even though the survey takes 3:43 to complete on average.

Now take a look at one of my final questions which gives me details of what products people are interested in.

By asking this question, I know exactly what to market to people by email and Facebook ads, and avoid sending sales-related messages that don’t appeal to others.

This shows that from the 1,335 responses, over 500 are interested in a product.

Even more exciting, 193 are expressing interest in a violin priced $1,000-$3,000, and 109 in a violin above $3,000.

This allows me to set up very lucrative Facebook re-marketing campaigns where I target people who express interest in learning more about specific products or getting certain lessons associated with the violin.

I also send out very personal emails based on answers to these questions.

How I Can Help You Implement This

I use Typeform to create these unique surveys, and you can do it too. Linking it along with a contest marketing campaign is a great way to go as you can give people points for answering the survey.

Otherwise, getting people to answer a 10 question survey isn’t easy to do. Especially if you include a sales-related question.

Out of 10,000 leads that I get through the contest funnel, about 30% of these people answer a 10-question survey.

This is essential data which allows you to know which people are worth the most vigorous marketing efforts.

The key to effective marketing is to put the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. This strategy allows you to do that.

I have built over ten websites and am fluent with setting up all the steps necessary to create a successful contest marketing campaign.

From helping you decide what questions to ask, what product to give away, how to integrate with the Facebook pixel, I can create the entire process for you.

This is a very popular strategy that I implement for my clients. I’m a visionary, so there isn’t any website/product that I couldn’t suggest a system for this strategy.

If you want me to set this up for you or want advice on how you could do this yourself from a consulting stand point, contact us.

Strategy #3 – Video Marketing

These days, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. So many website owners that I’ve worked with struggle to differentiate themselves in a personal way, which is essential to create effective nurturing that is needed to move a prospect into a customer.

Even if you only create a few videos that talk about your product or help out your prospects, this goes a long way.

I currently have the most videos on Youtube out of any violin teacher in the world.

You might ask, how can you offer all this for free and still make money?

I don’t make enough money on Youtube ads – I only make about $100/month from advertising.

The way I make money with this strategy is I create videos that people learn something from, and in turn, they feel more inclined to reach out to me or inquire about products or services.

I also created viral Facebook videos that get me landing page views as low as 2 cents per unique visitor. That means that on these ads, I can spend $100, and the results are 2,000 unique website visitors.

Facebook loves viral videos, and they reward you handsomely.

Here is a playlist I give 100% for free on Youtube that thousands of people have gone through. Many of my customers who have bought instruments have learned from these videos – and then inquired about products and services later.

Here is an example of one of my videos that have gone viral on Facebook.

How I Can Help You Implement This

I recommend creating some sort of video resource that all your customers would find valuable. For me, it makes sense to create some excitement related to the violin. Me playing the violin has worked well.

For you, it could be the Top 5 or the easiest ways to _. It might be you creating something super cool that everyone wants to share. If you aren’t sure how to do this, I can help you.

By creating viral/helpful videos, it differentiates your brand, and also creates additional channels for people to find you. Through the contest marketing strategy I outline in this post, you can ask people to subscribe to your channel through the contest landing page.

Then when you post a new video on Youtube, everyone that is subscribed to you will see your video, and this will help you gain credibility.

Every time I post a new video; I get 500 views in the first 10 minutes. That is an effective way to get in front of your prospects and customers.

It is said that you need to touch prospects at least seven times before they decide to purchase from you. Video marketing accelerates that process and sets you apart from competitors.

If you watch any of my videos, I’m very good at coming off helpful, to the point, and informational.

The worst thing you can do is come off salesly in any of your videos. This will make people label you as “that guy,” ultimately someone they don’t want to do business with.

It’s easy to mess this up…

I can coach you on how to do this. I’ve guided many clients with how to create effective videos, what to say and not say, where to create a call-to-action and how to make sure the video is good quality.

For example, you want your video to be a certain length on Facebook, a specified length on Instagram, and a certain length on Youtube.

You also want the beginning of your video to be attention-grabbing. Otherwise, your Facebook PPC efforts will create a low relevancy score with Facebook.

And the relevancy score is everything to scale your Facebook ads.

Here is a snapshot of how much traffic my video ad above has gotten me for just over $30. I set this entire campaign up myself and it’s a complete cold traffic campaign.

Meaning the 1,500 people that visited my website had no idea who I was.

Not bad right? 1,500 visitors for $30. Best of all this campaign generated 5 sales for me ($3,500 in revenue).

Compare that to some of the campaigns you’ve probably failed with related to Facebook video marketing or any ads on Facebook.

Anything related to video marketing we can help you out with. I encourage you to contact us here if you want our help pertaining to video marketing, which can fit nicely into the entire contest marketing strategy.

Strategy #4 – Clickfunnels Landing Page Offers

Many of you out there have a decent website, but no easy way for someone to purchase their first product from you.

What I do is give away something of value to prospects through blog articles, and then right after they opt-in, I have a OTO (one-time-offer) with a super awesome deal so that I can get money initially from Facebook ad efforts.

My vibrato course which is normally $79, I include with a OTO of $19, which leads to a 15% conversion rate with cold traffic.

After the initial OTO (with scarcity tactic of 20-minutes to purchase), I send out four followup emails which entire people to purchase the course at half price.

Many people who don’t purchase initially purchase later through email marketing as they just needed time to learn more about the product and consider it.

I run Facebook remarketing campaigns for this which work very well (20% conversion rate).

Ultimately, this allows me to scale Facebook ads as not everyone who subscribes to my contest funnel is ready for a violin upgrade.

But I’m able to get money from people interested in learning violin – and justify ad spend on Facebook.

How I Can Help You Implement This

I highly recommend creating some sort of lead magnet which is a quick-win for any of your prospects.

Then use Clickfunnels to create a similar landing page and OTO for your prospects.

Using Clickfunnels is a great way to go as it gives you the ability to A/B test campaigns and improve CTR/conversions. Just putting this sort of thing on your website will not allow you to improve the campaigns as easily.

Just by changing a few words, colors and/or copy on a landing page, this can heighten landing page conversion rates by 20+%.

It’s amazing what tweaks will do to any campaign.

Creating this entire system of a solid blog article, corresponding lead magnet and then effective OTO is an art form.

I can help you in consulting form to give you suggestions of what to do and not to do based on my experience with this sort of marketing.

I can also implement the entire system for you from top-to-bottom or participate in any way you need the most help.

I’m very good at creating landing page copy, brainstorming prices/products and anything related to this strategy.

If you are interested in contacting me to help you in this area or any of the areas above, contact us.

Strategy #5 – Facebook Group Marketing

Currently I have a group on Facebook that has over 7,500 members. It’s totally free for anybody to join this group, as long as they tell me why they want to join and also include their email address.

You can check out my Facebook group here.

What I do in this group is help out violin players, professionals and anybody else for free.

In turn, I am seen as an authority in my industry, and when I post a blog or any helpful content on my website, you’d be amazed at how much traffic I get.

This strategy creates loyal fans. Anybody that has purchased from you will rave about your products and services when the topic comes up?


Because you are a helpful guy that has helped them learn or improve their skill.

How I Can Help You Implement This

Through your contest campaign, you can include an entry for people subscribing to your group.

What is nice about Facebook groups is the organic reach is so much higher compared to your Facebook page.

Even further, you can create small groups of 10 people each and you’d be amazed at how much reach you have through this strategy.

After I do some sort of helpful campaign (like encouraging practice), I message everyone in each small group and offer a gift card of some sort.

The conversion rate on these messages is around 40%! That means if you have 1,000 people in small groups, 400 of them will purchase a product on your website.


Because it’s personal, it’s cool, it’s different.

Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd by doing something unique with Facebook groups.

You’ll become many people’s source when they are ready to purchase products and services associated with your brand.

Facebook group marketing is a very touchy and delicate endeavor. Because you are promoting a group, you can’t market your product and services the way you normally would with a typical Facebook page or email marketing blast.

I can help you with how to coordinate your groups, set it up for you and even monitor it to make sure it is getting effective results for you.

Right now I spend about 2 hours per day on my Facebook group. If you don’t have a ton of time, this might not be a good way for you to go.

But if you want help with this strategy, it can lead to massive results for your business – if done properly.

If you want help with setting up anything related to contest marketing, funnels, email strategy and Facebook, contact us.

Strategy #6 – Facebook Ads

Yes, I even do all my Facebook ads. You don’t want to hire someone to do this that doesn’t know what they are doing. I’ve done that plenty of times.

You need to center efforts regarding Facebook ads on content and remarketing. You NEVER want to be direct with cold leads on Facebook.

The key is implementing interesting ways for people to find your content, and eventually subscribe to your lead magnets, contests and more.

I like to start off the funnel by testing out a contest landing page (as I highlighted in strategy #1).

You can also test out viral blog posts to warm traffic, and remarketing on people that engage on pages on your website associated with purchasing your products.

How I Can Help You Implement This

I’ve been doing Facebook ads for over 10 years – it’s not something you want to try out if you don’t know what you are doing. Even researching how to do Facebook ads will lead to dead results because Facebook is always changing.

The key is good strategy, good content, and hiring someone that knows what they are doing.

You might have a great website or service that is very marketable on Facebook, but because you have tried it out yourself, it could very well be you just weren’t doing things properly.

Examples of things you can mess up with Facebook ads are ineffective graphics, improper image sizing, bad ad copy and lots more.

Also A/B testing is an art – how you improve campaigns, kill the ones that aren’t working, and knowing how to proceed based on data over a period of time.

This area is so important to gain traction online. Even with a great funnel, email marketing system, awesome contest campaign etc., it will only travel as far as you are able to succeed with Facebook ads.

Unless you already have a huge list or other marketing avenues that you can instantly use to gain traffic.

If you already have some good avenues of traffic, I can help you utilize these sources on your website (like organic searches, Instagram views and more).

I’m an expert with lead generation and whatever system you already have setup or want to get setup, I can help you create effective Facebook ads that will convert for you.

Then you can take what I’ve directed or created, and hire someone to continue to manage the ads. This would be my recommendation.

If you are interested in working with me, I’d love to serve you as a consultant or actually help you implement any of the strategies I’ve talked about above.

You can contact us if you are interested.

Strategy #7 – SEO

If you have been struggling with gaining traction on Google, you aren’t alone.

The key to effective SEO is to put your website in the best favor with Google, which can be done by doing good landing page optimization and creating link building campaigns.

One way I do this is by implementing broken link SEO.

The concept is you target high volume keywords, with low competition, and create incentive for other website owners to link to you.

The more links you have, the better chance you will rank on Google.

Here is one of my best strategies.

How I Can Help You Implement This

By using Ahrefs which is an awesome tool, I can do analysis on websites in my industry that have broken links on their blog posts.

Obviously they don’t want any links on their websites which have broken links. So what I do is let them know about the broken link, and then give them an alternative piece of content that they can replace with the previous link.

This works really well. There are some blog articles on the web that have 800+ people linking to it but for some reason, they have deleted the page.

These are goldmines to find with SEO, as all those people linking to the page will be happy to link to an alternative resource.

I can help you find these opportunities, and create an effective SEO strategy that you can implement based on Ahrefs data.

Ranking on Google is the best form of traffic as it’s free, and targeting the right keywords can lead to high conversions as you can target purchase related keywords.

If you want help with SEO or any of the strategies I’ve mentioned above, contact us.

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