Good SEO Produces Results

Good SEO Produces Results

SEO is more than a job to us; it’s a passion, core competency, and great skill we’ve developed over the years.

When you hire an inexpensive SEO, they are either non-native (leads to Google penalties) or someone that doesn’t know how to maximize results and do it most effectively. If you line up 100 people that claim they know SEO, 85 of them sound great on the phone but never produce sustainable results. We have a 98% success rate in getting you organic results – and that gives you an extremely powerful traffic engine that will change your business – and possibly your life.

Our differentiator is we are expert digital marketers. We speak the same language as Google and know what they want. We use the right tools (Ahrefs, SEOMoz, etc.) and combined with VISION and copywriting, we can be a huge asset to your team.

Here are just some of the problems that many small businesses face with SEO:

  1. Who to hire?
  2. How do you know it’s working?
  3. What type of strategies will bring the quickest results?

The key to reliable SEO is strategy, vision, planning and good communication. You don’t want someone to sell you on promises. You want someone who has a plan of attack that will bring you results. Anybody can say they can bring you to #1 on Google…it may sound attractive at a certain price. But businesses that don’t select the right person not only can be burned, but it could also have damaging effects on your SEO.


  1. Companies promising you BIG results then outsourcing your work
  2. Getting someone writing bogus articles to do “link-building”
  3. Bookmarking? Forum Spam? Please stay away
  4. Link manipulation using black-hat tools
  5. Agencies that have no vision of your content (and don’t ask you the right questions)

Take a look at this detailed report and you’ll not only understand our process but what a well-defined SEO audit should include. How things are planned out is critical to your success. Many businesses get sold on agencies that promise significant results only to outsource the work to a $3/hr freelancer who knows nothing about your business or cares about your success. You don’t want some person you don’t know overseas representing your business and having them be your figure-head for how Google ranks you.

Google has systems in place to pick up on this “cheap low-quality SEO work fast.” Hiring someone not native to your language will produce links that are horrible and will ultimately, over time be considered “garbage” to Google and they will de-rank it, lower your DR (domain authority) and you’ll be scratching your head years later wondering why you have no results or momentum.

A lot of companies pay a small monthly fee to “try” SEO with an agency. You might get on the top 10 for some keywords only later to have Google de-index your pages and even ban your site. Low-quality SEO freelancers try to cut corners to show you some short-term results (so you’ll continue paying them).

The opposite (and correct) approach is to set up a plan that focuses on HIGH-QUALITY, white-hat link building (100% risk-free) and avoid ANYTHING that Google would deem less than top-quality or spammy. If you approach SEO in this way, Google will reward you, and the results are always MASSIVE. There is nothing better than free traffic!

Here are my top 6 things to Avoid with SEO Strategy

  1. Not focusing on DR in relation to keyword strategy
  2. Creating content before doing keyword research
  3. Not getting the on-page optimization right
  4. Building any links that are border-line grey/black hat
  5. Keyword stuffing and not focusing on quality content

If you are interested in knowing more about the SEO of your site, contact us for a free 15-minute call. We will amaze you with everything we can show you regarding the things that can be fixed and all the available opportunities. We will create a detailed map of how to get on the right path. There is so much potential with SEO if you do things properly. Because who doesn’t want to be more successful?

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