We Are A Digital Syndicate of Award Winning Freelancers.

Chonk Digital has the resources to provide solutions on every level — from strategy and content development to programming and design; plus, the support and maintenance you’ll need once your site is live. Even before your site goes live, Chonk Digital can provide you with core marketing support such to take advantage of both online and offline marketing support.

Chonk Digital - A Digital Syndicate We provide results tracking and analysis that tell you about the people who visit your site — and what they do while they’re there. You can use these reports to make decisions regarding marketing issues, product offerings, the success of online promotions, site evolution and customer service.

Chonk Digital has been providing interactive solutions for their clients for years. As the trend for interactive, social networking, web copy and web based tools became more popular, Chonk Digital has been proactive to stay on top of emerging technologies and how they will apply to our clients business. Because of this, we have stayed on the cutting edge of the interactive revolution.

We are a collective of award winning artists, marketers, programmers and strategists from the advertising industry. We are a digital syndicate comprised of freelance and contract employees with years of experience, skills and proven success. This allows you enjoy all the benefits of hiring a freelance employee like affordability, specific high level skills, and quick turnaround while avoiding the pitfalls of agency retainers like encompassing contracts, high hourly billing rates, long lead times and impersonal relationships.

We saw a need for this type of business model years ago and it has been beneficial to companies that want a little more flexibility and are cost conscious.

But rest assured that when you work with with us, you will generally deal with a single person throughout the process. We take care of putting together the team with the right skillset to finish your project. We also manage the project throughout the process so that you end up with a finished product that accomplishes exactly what you expected.

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