Here is a peek of just some of the work we’ve been doing. Unfortunately we’re so busy creating awesome Marketing solutions for our clients, we don’t update this as regularly as we should. If you’d like more examples specific to your needs, just contact us and we’ll send you our latest successes.


Project description

Grand Apps is one of the biggest app agencies in the Midwest.

Before creating this detailed proposal, they had no idea how much they were under-utilizing their DR (domain authority). We put together a detailed proposal in regards to SEO – by showing them momentum/statistics of competitors. We presented this report to their CEO, CFO and partner in the business.

Our goal with this report/proposal was to find opportunities (low keyword competition and high volume). It gave them a sense of KPI metrics and potential based on DR. We accomplished this by diving into Ahrefs and finding the best route to success based on our expert level vision and experience.

Project description
Digestive Warrior hired us to produce this detailed SEO report ($500). These type of reports are CRITICAL to your success with SEO.

Summary the report included:
1. SEO Overview – Vision of where their website stood currently with SEO
2. On-Page Summary – Insights using Ahrefs analysis of what needed to be fixed on-page
3. Keyword Targets – Based on analyzing their business, we developed keywords that would get the quickest bang for their buck (highest volume vs. competition). These keyword targets were long-tailed and we factored these based on their DR.
4. Content Strategy – We put together a detailed content strategy based on keyword research and opportunities for replacing broken articles. Once we had this report, we tackled everything piece by piece, and helped them with implementation. We prioritized everything based on ease of fixes and overall effectiveness so the client could manage a lower budget.


Online Marketing

Zugu Case
Click Funnel completed for Zugu Case using ClickFunnels.com
I am Chick - Landing pages, funnels
Affliliate Program Click Funnel for IAmChick.com
Security Seekers - Online Marketing
Email marketing for Security Seekers using ActiveCampaign


Website for TerraTrike using WordPress and custom plug-ins
Gerald Ford International Airport
Online Parking Calculator for Gerald Ford International Airport
Cover Band Central
Website for Cover Band Central using WordPress and custom code
SilentBark Band
Website for SilentBark Band built using all custom php code
Baileys Grove Community
Website for Baileys Grove Community using all custom PHP code
Trike Groups
Website for Trike Groups using all custom PHP code and custom code
Ivy Cottage - website
Website for Ivy Cottage using WordPress and custom plug-ins
TerraTrike University
Online course website for TerraTrike using all custom PHP code
Baileys Grove Community
Website for Baileys Grove Community using all custom PHP code


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